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    Representing the most advanced smartwatch technology in a device which is rugged, durable and with a stylish design, Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50 is a product we’re proud to present to our customers. Elegant and hard, you can literally wear it everywhere!
    A simple definition of what a Smartwatch is today would be that of a computer that you can wear on your wrist like a watch. Rugged Smartwatch can play FM radios, run mobile applications, serve as media player and even function as mobile phone.

    Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50 has even a camera, barometer, map display, chronograph, and many other apps such as GPS navigation. In short, really a miniature computer on your wrist.
    Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50 is not only practical and stylish, but can also be used as a companion for your mobile phone. You can leave your phone in your pocket and make calls with Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50, or even surf the net or text your friends. Very versatile!

    The watch is IP 68 certified, which means the highest protection level in a dust and waterproof device. It will also work underwater for a sustained period of time. The device is built to withstand drops and blows without losing its ability to function.
    The current version of Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50 has a 512 MB system memory and 4GB storage, with a 1.3GHz Processor and Android 4.4 (KitKat) Operating System. The memory can further be extended to add an extra 8GB storage space with a TF/MicroSD card. The watch can handle more than just daily tasks.

    The device has a 610 mAh battery. This should allow it to work for 36 hours in  steady talk mode and for over a week in stand-by mode. Smartwatch Rugged Wander W50 is reliable and stylish, and will withstand a lot of pressure before it breaks and lets you down.



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    “lo smartphone da polso indistruttibile. Soc dual core, 512MB di RAM, 4GB di ROM e tutta la connettività necessaria per l’utilizzo stand alone.”

    “Wander W50 è un vero e proprio smartphone da polso. Ricco di feature interessanti ed indistruttibile.”