Cover rigida Water Proof per Samsung Note 2/3/4 , ,


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    Grazie alla Cover rigida Water Proof per Samsung Note 2/3/4 Wander USA potrai utilizzare il tuo smartphone in spiaggia senza particolari preoccupazioni. La chiusura ermetica protegge totalmente il tuo smartphone dall’acqua e dalla fastidiosa sabbia, mentre la superficie plastica in cui è realizzata consente di interagire con lo schermo touchscreen senza doverlo rimuovere dalla custodia.
    L’accessorio estivo perfetto per utilizzare in comodità il tuo smartphone mentre ti godi il sole delle spiagge più esotiche.


    • We can be having a call, listening to music, filming, playing a game, sending a message but 6 meters underwater.
    • Depth up to 6 meters.
    • It can be underwater up to 3 hours.
    • The product is used to protect the phone of all those people who like to play water sports, this is convenient because it can bring business information to them while they are enjoying their activities in the water.
    • The product is dust proof, shock proof and protect your phone from dropping. And it will become a necessity for each travel, it has many advantages.
    • 100% waterproof.

    Use of place

    • When we are swimming at the beach, we can take photos to remember the time, let the moment become good memory, and at the same time we can also play a game, listen to music and so on, 100% water proof. We don’t have to worry anymore if it gets wet.
    • For people that love to dive and professional photo graphers, the phone can reach 6 meters underwater to take the picture as a souvenir of as a professional shot. 100% water proof.
    • When we surf and when we go skiing, we can go trough a wave, film the momento and not worry about anything because this product is rain-waterproof, so this means. It won’t affect any telephone message while we are having a joy time.
    • Since it’s shockproof, dropproof, dustproof, it can also be used by construction workes and fishermen. And it will cover each of our necessities.
    • Talking about natural disasters, if we are surprised by a natural flood, we can definitely call first aid because the phone won’t stop working, it can even become the preferred product between the flood volunteers. 100% waterproof.

    About the material

    The product is molded by using imported environmental PC material and the international environmental TPE material. Precision mold, unique design, absolutely waterproof.


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