Smartwatch Wander W-Watch

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    Silicone, Microfibra, Pelle Stampata, Pelle Magnete, Maglia Milano, Metal


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    Data sheet

    Main functions

    • Pedometer: it counts steps and how many calories are burnt
    • Heart rate monitor: it registers heart rate in real time.
    • Alarm clock
    • Audio recording
    • Calculator

    Synchronized functions for Smartphone

    • Date and time
    • Telephone dialing: dial phone numbers though the specific keypad
    • Calls: make calls directly from W-WATCH. Answer and reject phone calls.
    • Call log: call log synchronization and direct call
    • Phone book: phone book synchronization and direct call
    • Messages: SMS message synchronization. Choice between predefined reply or direct call.
    • Calendar: calendar visualization.
    • Music: manage your library from your smartphone and adjust volume.
    • Remote camera: take pictures with your smartphone trough W-WATCH.
    • Notifications: view Whatsapp, Facebook, Wechat, QQi or other notifications directly from W-WATCH.


    Wander W-Watch has a high-compatibility with all iOS e Android devices.

    General specifications

    • Sizes: 42×38.2×10.9 mm
    • LCD: 1.54”IPS 240×240 pixel
    • TP: Capacitive Touch Screen
    • IP Level: IP56
    • Battery: 250 mAh
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Battery life in talk mode: around 3 hours
    • Battery life in standby mode: around 72 hours