Glass screen protector with anti-glare effect for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ,

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Protect your smartphone display against scratches, bumps, and dust accumulation with the new Anti-glare screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by Wander USA. Shaped to perfectly adhere to your display. With rounded corners, the protector is only 0.26 / 0.3 mm thick and protects your smartphone without affecting display sensitivity. It can be easily applied without generating bubbles or blemishes, with oleophobic treatment against grease and dirt signs or fingerprints. Perfectly transparent to give maximum visibility in any light condition without altering colors or becoming opaque with use.

  • Reliable and invisible protection.
  • Clear vision of content and screen colors due to its transparent surface.
  • Protection against dust and scratches. Easily washable surface.
  • It can perfectly be applied to the display without leaving bubbles thanks to its special silicone layer. Possibility of easily removing and repositioning the film.
  • Shaped with the latest laser cutting technologies. Customized cuts and perfect contours (guaranteed also on corners)