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    We love music and we love sports, and we want non-stop music experience in all conditions, that’s why we developed the Waveport, the WORLD’S FIRST IPX7 waterproof headphone with MP3 and Bluetooth 4.2 function.
    And that means you can swim with Waveport, with no problem at all, you can enjoy the MP3 music playing even without bluetooth connection.
    We applied almost all waterproof features possible in such compact design: Coated PCB, waterproof earbud mesh, sealed button, and most importantly, sealed charging port, which makes Waveport meeting one of the highest waterproof standard: the IPX7.
    We also make sure our design is dust and shock proof, so you can enjoy your music, non-stop, in all condition!



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    • Bluetooth: 4.2
    • Tempo di riproduzione: 6-8 ore
    • Tempo di conversazione: 6 ore
    • Livello impermeabilità: IPX7 (brevi immersioni fino a 1mt di profondità)
    • Nome di accoppiamento bluetooth: Waveport
    • Dimensione: L102*W102*H48.5mm
    • Lunghezza del cavo: 388mm
    • Peso: 24g
    • LED: rosso, blu
    • Passkey: 0000
    • Batteria: 3.7V 120mAh
    • Colore: green, gray
    • Temperatura in funzione: da -10°C a 45°C
    • Temperatura dispositivo spento: da -20°C a 60°C